The RED of our companies currently defined as the nerve center of communications of the same, there currently happens ...

  • Business Data
  • These data are stored
  • Communicate our suppliers
  • More importantly, our customers

The technology has been developed so that today the directors, managers, executives and general users have the flexibility to turn any place in their "mobile" office.

This effect has caused many companies seek to incorporate into their fixed network infrastructure, new equipment and devices to provide mobility to its users and customers.

What is important when performing this step is caring aspects of availability, security and accessibility according to the profile of those who use this technology to.


Currently our world can not be displayed without the "collaboration."Customers are demanding more and better results, because of this, it becomes a necessity to have the continued collaboration between staff made our company and with our suppliers as well with our customers.


We adapt existing technology to provide operators (agents) of the tools necessary to efficiently meet by any means of contact (phone, email, chat), interactions that his company (private, government, carriers, civil associations , NGOs) need exercise to contact their customers and / or users in campaigns:

  • Customer Care (general or custom)
  • Marketing
  • Collection
  • Human resources
  • Banking Services
  • Help Desk (Help Desk)
  • Political Campaigns
  • Monitoring incidents
  • Utilities

The rapid growth of computer systems and information technology to store them, as well as mobile devices (tablets, mobile phones, laptops, etc..) Is creating the need to count on technology to efficiently store , less expensive and secure information is generated in such devices.



  • Security
  • Networks
  • Mobility
  • Contact Center
  • Data Center
  • Collaboration