The extensive experience of our engineering staff designs results attached to customer needs, looking for the most optimal solution. In our designs we seek optimal connectivity of your company and its subsidiaries, giving growth options and looking for all your devices coexist on the same network, security, integrity and speed of information transfer. Always favoring business continuity.

Our installation personnel have the best preparation on the market, their experience in any type of installation is only surpassed by his attitude toward service. We have staff to perform the following activities:

  • Structured Cabling
  • Cabinets
  • Video Walls
  • Help desks furniture, Monitoring Centres, etc.
  • Installation of Network (Layer 2 and Layer 3)
  • Logical Security
  • Data Centers
  • Call Center
  • IP Telephony Equipment
  • Video Conference
  • Access Control Systems
  • CCTV Systems
  • Event correlation systems

Palo Tinto Networks offers the service of Project Management, which is to coordinate the design, installation and commissioning of the project is required for the client to not neglect your business to allocate resources for project management.


Palo Tinto Networks offers solutions backed by warranty and manufacturer support service to cover the faults which relate to the equipment in operation.

  • Scaling the manufacturer fails to meet presented.
  • Support site
  • Remote Assistance incidents.
  • Specialized diagnostic assistance and solution
  • Management SLA´s

For the best performance of our existing infrastructure is necessary to have a preventive maintenance service and, with this, be certain that our system will be operating in good condition. PTN has the right solution for each of our customers.

Preventive Maintenance
  • Remote monitoring of critical equipment.
  • Periodic review of equipment.
Corrective Maintenance
  • Management manufacturer warranties.
  • Technicians.

Our range of courses is extensive and varied. We can offer the manufacturers own courses with certifications or we can make tailor-made courses.
We offer courses in the following technologies:

  • Infrastructure
  • Applications
  • Processes

These can be taught at the customer site or at our facilities.

Network Analysis Data

We have specialized in the analysis and diagnosis of LAN, WAN personnel and WiFi can provide detailed and customized reports of the current situation in the network, emphasizing points of failure or could become critical, providing the end ; a number of improvements and solutions in its data network.



  • Design
  • Implementation
  • Training
  • Project Management
  • Support
  • Maintenance
  • Consultancy
  • Managed Services