Our solutions in the health sector include: Location of patients, doctors and medical equipment high priority by TAGs WIFI or using Unified Communications, in the case of doctors, which would at all times contact your team work.


The energy companies, like those in other sectors must improve and manage processes. Palo Tinto Networks has solutions for these companies that are constantly growing.

Our commitment is to provide ideal solutions with the best cost / benefit ratio, through a holistic approach and the best available technology.

Globalization and the rapid growth of information technology, lead firms in this sector have to stay ahead to keep attracting more and more demanding customers and a busy life. Palo Tinto Networks offers a range of products and solutions that will keep you at the forefront and the pace of life of its clients and guests.

Transport Sector Our solutions include:

Using WIFI network can keep track of the cars leaving and cargo they contain, just as on arrival, you can record the arrival of the truck has arrived, and the containing filler and, through this knowledge, you can send the bay that corresponds

The processes in this sector are very specific and must seek continuous improvement to deliver products of the highest quality. PTN function is to help our clients find and implement the continuous improvement through our wide range of solutions.


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